MUMBAI, 26 MAY, 2024 (TGN): Navneet Radiation Care Center was inaugurated on Wednesday, 23th May, 2024 at Bhakti-Vedant Hospital & Research Institute, Mira Road. This was jointly donated by Navneet Parivar and Runanubandh Trust. PET scan machine, specially meant for Cancer detection, has already become operational and the Radiation Machine will also start functioning shortly.

With the inauguration by ribbon cutting on 8th floor of the hospital, Sunilbhai Gala on behalf of Navneet Parivar stated that this has become possible owing to the blessings of elders as we intend to work for the welfare of the community.`
Vasantbhai Galiya, Head of Runanubandh Trust informed that he has been attached with Bhakti – Vedant Hospital for the last 20 years. He was arranging free treatment for poor with the help of government scheme. A need was arisen for Radiation Care Center, which was a difficult proposition. Some of the other hospitals were ready but my son Gaurav Galiya approached Sunilbhai of Navneet Parivar, who held meetings with Trustees and as a result Navneet Parivar agreed to donate a huge sum for this noble cause.
Finally the Center was made and PET scan machine was made operative earlier as a result of demand from doctors & patients. Around 50 patients have already taken the benefit. PET scan machine takes photo-scans of the patients to determine the location and spread of malignancy (cancer). Here, facilities are provided at a concessional rate of Rs. 9,000/-, whereas facilities are very expensive in private hospitals. This kind of machine is there in Borivali, after which nowhere till Vapi.
Vasantbhai Galiya further informed that Radiation Machine costing Rs. 25 crore will be also installed here shortly. Though Tata Hospital provides free treatment to cancer patients, their waiting period is long, whereas we shall provide free treatment to 300 poor patients in a year against orange ration card.
Gaurav Galiya appreciated support of all trustees and informed that Dr. Siddharth Shah has taken responsibility of PET scan machine.
Present on the dais during the function were Dr. Bhavin Visariya, Anilbhai Gala, Sunilbhai Gala, Jayantbhai Chheda, Kishorbhai Chheda, Harakhchand Lalji, Dr. K. Venkatraman, Dr. Ajay Sanket, Dr. Nirmal Rao etc. Vote of thanks was given by solicitor Piyush M. Shah.  Dhiraj Cheeda,Ekalveer’ conducted the program and Gaurangiben provided information on the hospital.ENDS/ (TGN)

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