One Month After Brain Surgery, Sadhguru Back In Action With 10-Day Visit To Indonesia

NATIONAL, APRIL 20, 2024 (TGN): Sadhguru, Founder- Isha Foundation, is back in action, one month after undergoing brain surgery. After casting his vote for Lok Sabha elections 2024 yesterday, he reached Bali in Indonesia for a 10-day visit to explore spiritual and cultural threads between India and South East Asia. Welcomed by Mr. Sandiaga Uno, Minister of Tourism, Indonesia and his team along with Dr. Shashank Vikram, Consul General of India in Bali, Sadhguru will visit various spiritual sites in the country before heading to Cambodia. 

Speaking with the minister, Sadhguru highlighted the historic connection between the two countries, pointing out Odisha’s “Bali Jatra,” an annual social-cultural event commemorating the past association of the people of Odisha with Bali. During this event, people of Odisha float miniature toy boats made of coloured paper, dried banana tree barks, and corks in water bodies around the state as a symbolic gesture of their ancestors’ voyages to Bali. Sadhguru further applauded the country for maintaining its spiritual spaces and felt it should become the “right reason” for attracting people to the country. 

During his visit, Sadhguru will delve into the sciences behind the cultures and temples and explore various ancient energy spaces, including the Besakih and Tirta Empul temples in Bali. Sadhguru’s profound exploration in Indonesia and Cambodia promises to extend invaluable insights to billions who regularly watch his videos garnering over 4.37 billion views on social media in 2023 alone.Ends/TGN

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