Woman Triumphs Over Lymphoma With CAR T Cell Therapy

Ms Reddi Lalitha Kumari from Bobbili town is the first person in Andhra Pradesh to have successfully treated with indigenously built therapy 

NAVI MUMBAI, 5 APRIL, 2024 (TGN)Despite being diagnosed with refractory diffuse large B-Cell lymphoma (DLBCL), 47-year-old Ms Reddi Lalitha Kumari from Bobbili town in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, never took a day off from work in 24 years.

However, this dedicated high school Mathematics teacher’s journey was fraught with challenges– a testament to the complexity of refractory DLBCL. Refractory disease means the patient’s disease stopped responding to all the conventional treatment options that are available. In Ms Lalitha’s case, her cancer staged a fierce comeback, defying all standard therapies.

But her will to fight against the disease and her dream to see their twin daughters settle down in their lives, motivated Ms Lalitha to undergo CAR T Cell Therapy at Apollo Cancer Centre, Visakhapatnam.

The team led by Dr. Rakesh Reddy BoyaSenior Consultant – Medical & Hemato OncologyDr. Ventrapati PradeepConsultant – Medical Oncology, and Dr. G Veni PrasannaConsultant – Pathologist, explored advanced treatment options. According to Dr Boya, Ms. Lalitha’s case required a different approach due to the refractory nature of the disease and CAR-T Cell Therapy emerged as a viable option, offering a chance to be “cancer free.”

Dr. Rakesh Reddy Boya, Senior Consultant – Medical & Hemato Oncology, Apollo Cancer Centre, Vizag, said, “Following Ms Lalitha’s initial response to R-CHOP therapy, her relapse posed a formidable challenge. Through strategic intervention and the integration of salvage chemotherapy, including R-ICE, we achieved a remarkable complete response. It was through meticulous analysis, collaboration, and unwavering determination that we charted a path towards her recovery. This victory reinforces our commitment to pushing the boundaries of cancer care and providing hope to those in need.”

Following the CAR-T Cell therapy, Ms. Lalitha’s cancer led to a complete remission. “The most incredible news was hearing from the doctors – I am cancer-free. Being a maths teacher, I always believe that every problem has a solution and in my case, I got the right treatment at Apollo Cancer Centre,” she smiles. “This treatment has given me a second lease of life, and I’m incredibly grateful to the team at ACC for their expertise and unfaltering support.”Ends/TGN




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