Medicover Hospitals at Navi Mumbai Successfully Performs Knee Replacement Surgery on an Hyderabad Based Elderly Couple, Whose 15-Year-Long Struggle Ends Happily!

From L to R: In the accompanying photo are esteemed members of the medical team at Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai: Dr. Mataprasad Gupta, Centre Head; Dr. Sharif Dudekula, Consultant Arthroscopic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Specialist; Dr. Nitish Arora, Consultant in Trauma, Limb Reconstruction, Deformity Correction & Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery; Dr. Ashu Shishodia, Head of Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation; Dr. Jayashree Venkatesan, Consultant Anaesthesiologist; Dr. Deepak Gautam, Consultant Joint Replacement and Director of Orthopedic Discipline; and Dr. Burhan Salim Siamwala, Consultant Spine Surgeon. Son – C.M. Vijaykumar Mr. C.V. Shastry and Mrs. C. Bhagyalakshmi – Photo By TGN

~In a display of dedication to their health and marriage, the couple, struggling with severe knee osteoarthritis, made a joint decision to undergo surgery. Their united commitment not only serves as an inspiration for others but also reinforces the importance of staying strong as a team in the face of challenges and emerging victorious in adverse situations ~

Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai

NAVI MUMBAI, 4 MAY, 2024 (TGN): Dr Deepak Gautam, Consultant Joint Replacement & Director of Orthopedic Disciplines, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai and his team successfully conducted a total knee replacement surgery on a couple from Hyderabad experiencing severe osteoarthritis in their knees. The surgery took place sequentially in the same stretch of admission, providing relief from discomfort, walking difficulties, and pain. Following the procedure, the couple regained full mobility and can now carry out their daily activities without any restrictions. By discharging the son’s duties, and shouldering the responsibility for the parents’ well-being, the couple’s son set a unique example by playing an instrumenting role in giving them a fresh lease of life by making the transforming surgery possible that has given the desired results to the couple.

80-year-old Patient Mr C.V. Shastry and 75-year-old patient Mrs C. Bhagyalakshmi experienced knee pain and difficulty in walking for the last 15 years. They consulted various doctors and tried conservative measures of treatment including several injections in the knees. However, all of them failed to give a solution for any significant period. Their son C. M. Vijayakumar, a Banking professional based in Navi Mumbai approached Medicover Hospitals through Social Media to give a fresh lease of life to his parents.

Dr Deepak Gautam, Consultant Joint Replacement & Director of Orthopedic Disciplines, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “The couple came to the hospital along with their son by taking his support while walking. Their x-ray revealed degenerative changes in their knees. Their clinical conditions and X-rays indicated that they were the ideal candidates to benefit from knee replacement surgery. Age is an independent risk factor for such surgeries, but there were no other options left to bring back on their feet. Luckily despite being an octogenarian (Husband) and septuagenarian (Wife), they had little co-mebibits with control blood pressure and sugar level which gave an anaesthetist more confidence in taking up the care.”

Dr Gautam added, “Both the couple underwent successful Total Knee Replacement (TKR) sequentially in the same stretch of admission and got discharged the same day hand in hand. The couple could walk pain-free, the next day after surgery”. ”We are feeling blessed for giving the lovely couple a pain-free life ahead. I express immense gratitude towards our anesthesia team, ICU team, nursing staff, and, most importantly, the role played by our physiotherapy team for the early ambulation of the couple and early recovery.”

“Anesthesia is a risky job, putting the patient to sleep, giving temporary paralysis to legs, numbing part of the body is fine to proceed with surgery. However, the entire responsibility of getting back all that working in the original manner is the real challenge for the anesthetist. And there lies the importance of an Anesthetist. Geriatric age group poses immense risk as patients have all the comorbidities, reduced function of almost every organ, post operative pain, healing and rehabilitation are major concern. Regional anesthesia like Epidural, spinal anesthesia, nerve blocks help to maintain the homeostasis during surgery and reduce postoperative pain, help in physiotherapy and early rehabilitation and discharge. These patients tolerated the anesthesia well and recovered well,” said Dr Jayashree Venkatesan, Consultant Anaesthesiologist, Medicover Hospitals, Navi Mumbai

“After years of watching my parents struggle with mobility issues and the frustration that came with their inability to walk independently, I made it my mission to find a potent solution. The team at Medicover Hospital not only listened to our concerns but also provided personalized care and treatment plans tailored to my parent’s unique needs. I will forever be grateful for turning what seemed like an impossible dream into a beautiful reality filled with hope and possibilities,” highlighted the couple’s son Mr C.M. Vijayakumar.

“As we sit here in gratitude, feeling the weight of our son’s unwavering support and the expertise of Medicover Hospitals, we can’t help but marvel at the gift of mobility bestowed upon us. Our son’s boundless caring spirit, coupled with Medicover Hospitals’ precision and care, has redefined our understanding of hope and recovery. We feel incredibly fortunate to have our son standing by us in the face of difficulty. Our son’s actions serve as a shining example in our community, helping us regain our footing once more,” concluded Patient Mr C.V. Shastry.ENDS (TGN)

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