HHV Group celebrates 60th anniversary, to set up a state-of-the-art optics fabrication and thin film coating facility at Bengaluru

MUMBAI, 19th APRIL, 2024 (TGN): Bengaluru based HHV Group, India’s premier Vacuum, Optics, and Thin-film technology company announced its 60th anniversary celebrations. Established in 1965 in the name of Hind High Vacuum Co (HHV) as a small-scale industry in Bangalore by S. V. Narasaiah, a pioneer of vacuum technology in India, the company has since made significant contributions to the advancement of vacuum-related technologies in the country.

Founded at the IISc, six decades later, HHV has grown enormously as a group employing 800 people and with sales and service centres across the globe. HHV has diversified over its six-decade journey into various fields including solar module manufacturing, thin film coating services and equipment development, optics fabrication, etc. From developing India’s 1st Indigenous vacuum coating unit to successfully installing a 3.7 meter Telescopic mirror coater at Mount Abu in January 2024, HHV has contributed to many strategic projects and research in the country.

This noteworthy occasion of 60 years is being celebrated at HHV Peenya (Bengaluru) facility. This includes an exhibition where each company in the group displayed new products and developments achieved in the year passed. The HHV Group Managing Directors Nagarjun Sakhamuri and Prasanth Sakhamuri in their addresses to the audience outlined the challenges faced in the areas of high technology development and way forward for the group in the years to come.

Every year HHV rewards the best performers and recognizes long-serving employees. The Sakhamuri Family Foundation also handed out scholarships to support over 50 deserving students to pursue their education.

In 2023, HHV demerged into HHV Thermal Technologies for the furnaces and carbon composite businesses and HHV Advanced Technologies for the thin films and optics businesses. Both operate as 100% subsidiaries of the HHV group.

Not one to rest on their laurels, the HHV Group, going ahead, has major plans for investment and growth coupled with their ‘Make in India’ push. HHV Advanced Technologies are currently in the process of very soon setting up an optics fabrication and thin film coating facility at Dabaspet, Bengaluru that will span 40,000 sq.ft.in clean rooms and have state-of the-art optics fabrication capability with single point diamond turning, CNC machining and super polishing.

This facility syncs into the long-term vision of the HHV group to enter opto-mechanical assemblies and the team is currently in discussions with leading lens manufacturers to develop and establish this capability in the country.

HHV Thermal Technologies has been leading the way with cutting edge furnaces for metallurgical applications for over 60 years. It also received a very prestigious, super specialty brazing furnace order from Korea this year. HHV Thermal Technologies has also been working on carbon-carbon composites and carbon-silicon composites for space applications.

On its 60th anniversary, the HHV Group has pledged to continue its focus on the development of new technology and processes to aid expansion plans and propagate growth to serve long term vision, mission and goals.

For further info on the HHV Group, please visit: www.hhv.inENDS/TGN

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