Marketing Leaders Convene at Infidigit-Dun & Bradstreet CMO Meet, Showcase Key Marketing Trends of the Future

MUMBAI, 19 APRIL, 2024 (TGN) – Infidigit, India’s leading organic growth search platform, announced a successful CMO Meet held in collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet, a global leader in data and analytics solutions. The event convened senior marketing executives from various industries at a strategic gathering to discuss pressing issues and advancements within the marketing landscape.

The CMO Meet featured insightful presentations from industry experts like Mr. Alok Arya, Chief Marketing Officer, Equentis Wealth Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.; Mr. Shrishail Deshnur, Chief Marketing Officer, Indira IVF Group; Mr. Saugata Bagchi, Global Head – Digital, Experiential & Content Marketing, Tata Communications; Mr. Kunal Aman, Director, Marketing – India, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, SAS; Mr. Francis Rodrigues – SVP Ecommerce & Digital Marketing HDFC Life insurance; Ms. Manimala Hazarika, Fractional CMO, Growth Marketing Consultant; Mr. Vijay Murthy, CEO – Lead, Silver & Minor Metals IBU Chief Sales & Marketing Officer – Metals & Acid, Vendanta (Hindustan Zinc); Mr. Sudhanshu Tripathi – CMO Quick Heal; Mr. Vipul Oberoi, Director of Marketing, CSR & Learning Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet India; Mr. Kaushal Thakkar, Founder & Managing Director, Infidigit; 

The CMO Meet provided a valuable platform for marketing leaders to share insights, network with peers, and learn about the latest marketing solutions. Infidigit and Dun & Bradstreet are committed to helping businesses achieve their marketing goals through innovative solutions and industry collaboration on data-driven marketing strategies, effective customer engagement tactics, robust marketing measurement techniques and Artificial Intelligence. These presentations fostered an environment for knowledge sharing and discussion amongst the attending marketing leaders.

Mr. Kunal Aman, Director, Marketing – India, Middle East, Turkey & Africa, SAS, saidPersonally, witnessing analytics being applied across diverse scenarios has been fascinating. From creating COVID dashboards for governments for prioritizing relief efforts to aiding banks & insurers in detecting sophisticated fraud, our analytics solutions have far-reaching impact. Particularly in marketing, Analytical & AI-fueled insights are uncovering nuanced consumption patterns and are reshaping content strategies. Our marketing strategy is driven by data insights, enabling us to effectively engage customers at every stage of their evolving journey.”

Focusing on the digital era in today’s world, Mr. Alok Arya, Chief Marketing Officer, Equentis Wealth, said “Personalization is the cornerstone of effective marketing, fostering authentic connections and brand loyalty among today’s diverse consumers. In the digital era, while we can measure every footprint, the essence of marketing remains rooted in the tangible touchpoints that evoke genuine emotions, reminding us of the irreplaceable value of human intelligence amidst the advancing tide of artificial intelligence.”

Shrishail Deshnur, Chief Marketing Officer, Indira IVF Group, said Standalone offerings are out. Today, personalization is king. From healthcare to all industries, the focus is on crafting unique customer journeys. This goes beyond products, tailoring the entire experience to individual needs. Gathering relevant data through genuine engagement is key, not intrusive methods. We empower individuals through awareness and education, allowing them to actively seek information relevant to them. This proactive approach personalizes every interaction, guiding informed decisions for each unique customer.”

Mr. Saugata Bagchi, Global Head, Digital, Experiential & Content Marketing, Tata Communications, saidEmbracing diverse experiences over two decades, from pharmaceuticals to global digital strategy, I’ve learned the power of dual perspectives: agency creativity meets corporate strategy, driving impactful decisions through meaningful coversations. And in the ever-evolving landscape of business, success lies not merely in adapting to change, but in embracing it with a relentless pursuit of innovation and a steadfast commitment to understanding and serving the needs of our customers.”

Speaking on the venture growth, Mr. Kaushal Thakkar, Founder & Managing Director, Infidigit , said “From selling my first venture for a rupee to weathering corporate storms, every experience fueled my entrepreneurial spirit. Now, with Infidigit, we’re empowering brands to get higher returns on their marketing investments with a dedicated Organic search team and a wealth of expertise. Coming to the realm of content creation, the synergy of AI and human expertise is indispensable. While AI enhances quality and style, it’s the human touch that provides invaluable experience, expertise, and authority which generates Trustworthy content.”

Vipul Oberoi, Director – Marketing, CSR & Learning Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet India, said “In today’s rapidly evolving landscape,the world demands strategic plans that are both visionary and adaptable. Leaders must anticipate and navigate constant disruptions, from social media to AI. By harnessing thought leadership, AI tools, and personalization strategies, organizations can make informed decisions and seize opportunities in this dynamic market. Collaborative efforts and insightful planning are key to navigating the complexities and achieving success.”

About Infidigit:

Infidigit is a leading SEO marketing company based in India. They are the trusted partner for businesses of all sizes globally, helping them improve their organic search rankings and achieve their digital marketing goals. Infidigit is also the winner at the Search Engine Land Awards for the SEO campaign created for a fashion e-commerce company in South Africa. Its digital marketing experts spearhead the SEO industry with teams that firmly believe that data drives decisions. Some of their esteemed clients include names like Myntra, ICICI Prudential, Dun & Bradstreet,, Red Tag, Flipkart and Zivame. Know more on the website:

About Dun & Bradstreet:

Dun & Bradstreet are the leading global provider of B2B data, insights and AI-driven platforms that helps organizations around the world grow and thrive. Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Cloud, which comprises more than 500 million records, fuels solutions and delivers insights that empower customers to grow revenue, increase margins, build stronger relationships, and help stay compliant – even in changing times. Since 1841, companies of every size have relied on Dun & Bradstreet to help them manage risk and reveal opportunity. Know more on the website:


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