“BENGAL SPECTRUM” Painting exhibition by Artist Swapan Das & Rina Roy At Hirji Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai From 10th to 16th June, 2024

MUMBAI, 11 JUNE, 2024 (TGN): An exhibition of Paintings “Bengal Spectrum” by Artist Swapan Das & Rina Roy will present their recent work in different mediums & techniques in art show At Hirji Jehangir Art Gallery, 1st Floor, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai from 10th to 16th June, 2024. Timing 11 am to 7 pm

Swapan Das is a celebrated Kolkata based artist renowned for his mastery in wash painting and experimentations with acrylic on canvas. Having received his formal training in fine arts from the Government College of Art and craft, he passed out in the year 1994 and has been painting for forty long years. Mentored by the distinguished artist Mrinal Kanti Das, Swapan Das bears the legacy of the Bengal School of Art. Yet at the same time, he perpetually extends the horizons of his expertise by imbuing his pieces with contemporary relevance and personal expression. He has garnered multiple awards across India and abroad throughout his illustrious career and also two gold medals. A great number of his paintings are lying with renowned collectors both in India and abroad, particularly London and Japan. Swapan Das’s paintings in acrylic are celebrated for their lyrical beauty, intricate details, and a harmonious blend of colors. His technique allows him to create works that are both ethereal and vivid, capturing the essence of his subjects with an almost poetic finesse. Through his art, Das not only pays homage to his mentor but also continues to innovate and inspire, ensuring that the rich heritage of Indian painting thrives in the modern era. His series on Radha and Krishna illustrate his exceptional skill of blending traditional subjects with contemporary techniques. His application of red, yellow and blue creates a vibrant aura that fills any room with positivity and warmth.

Rina Roy, a distinguished artist based in Kolkata, specializes in the intricate art of wash painting. She completed a three-year diploma course from the Indian Society of Oriental Art, where she cultivated her skills and artistic vision. She bears the legacy of Abanindranath Tagore and has honed her skills under the mentorship of Swapan Das. Throughout her career, Rina Roy has garnered numerous awards across India, recognizing her unique contributions to the art world. Her dedication to her craft has also led her to participate in several prestigious art workshops, enhancing her techniques and expanding her artistic horizons. Rina Roy’s works are celebrated both nationally and internationally, with her paintings being part of esteemed collections in the USA, Australia, Bangladesh, and India. Her art continues to captivate audiences, reflecting a rich heritage and a profound mastery of wash painting.ENDS/TGN

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