Swaraj Shinde of Maharashtra won two Bronze Medals at the 6th National Road Speed Skating

MUMBAI, 21 MAY, 2024 (TGN): Swaraj Shinde from Vasai won two bronze medals while representing Maharashtra in the road speed skating at the 6th National Ranking Open Championships held at Madgaon (Goa).
He participated in the 7-9 age group and finished third in the 1,000 m and 500m skating events, while he came fourth in the 200 m event.
 This year, more than 500 young athletes participated in the various age groups of the national competition which was held in Goa.
Whereas, Swaraj has bagged more than 45 medals while participating in various states and numerous national competitions.

Last year, he won a bronze medal in the 7-9 age group at the Maharashtra State Sprint Skating Championships (RSFI). Further, he won two Gold medals in the RGOI tournament. And, he represented Maharashtra under the 5-7 age group while playing RSFI national tournament at Bengaluru last year. ENDS (TGN)

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