Residents’ Struggle in Santacruz: Six Years of Unmet Promises by Transcon Developers

SANTACRUZ, MUMBAI, 19 MAY, 2024 (TGN)– The completion of the Santacruz West Khotwadi Slum Redevelopment project by Transcon Developers brings a glimmer of hope for residents awaiting improved living conditions. However, the reality for many is far from the promised benefits. Despite the redevelopment being finalized, residents have yet to receive rent for their homes and commercial spaces for the past six years.

The project, spearheaded by builders Aditya Kedia and Kirti Kedia of Transcon Developers, aimed to uplift the living standards of residents through modernization and revitalization efforts. However, the prolonged delay in providing compensation has left many families in dire financial straits, with no respite in sight.

Residents express deep concern over the lack of response from Transcon Developers regarding their outstanding rent payments. Despite numerous attempts to communicate with the developers, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Moreover, there have been reports of intimidation tactics employed by the builders’ representatives, adding to the residents’ distress.

“People are really in pain as the builder has not given them rent for their homes and commercial spaces for the past six years. This situation has put our lives at stake. We trusted the promises made by Transcon Developers, but now we are left struggling to make ends meet,” shares a resident who wished to remain anonymous.

The ongoing plight of Santacruz West Khotwadi residents highlights the urgent need for accountability and transparency in redevelopment projects. The community urges Transcon Developers to fulfill their obligations promptly and provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition for all residents.

Residents are also appealing to the government for immediate action and assistance in resolving this matter and safeguarding their rights.ENDS (TGN)

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