Navi Mumbai-based Businesswoman Shital Bhatnagar Crowned Mrs UAE International 2024 A Grand Glittering Ceremony To Cherish And Behold Forever

Shital Bhatnagar Crowned Mrs UAE
Shital Bhatnagar Crowned Mrs UAE

NATIONAL, NAVI MUMBAI, 9 MAY, 2024 (TGN):  Navi Mumbai-based Businesswoman Shital Bhatnagar has won the Mrs UAE International 2024 pageant held at the prestigious Ramee Dream Hotel in Dubai organized by Being Muskaan Events. Representing India with pride, business woman Shital Bhatnagar’s triumph in this prestigious competition not only brought honor to the country but also won the hearts of millions with this milestone achievement.

Mrs Shital Bhatnagar, a dynamic business woman from the lively city of Navi Mumbai, embodies a strong sense of determination and passion that defines her character. Known for her jewelry business and advocacy for overall well-being, she acknowledges the deep link between physical health and mental prosperity, recognizing this as the foundation for achieving success. Shital’s journey is marked by her multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication. From the intricate movements of Bharatnatyam to the fiery rhythms of salsa and the electrifying energy of daily dance, and Taekwondo, she finds her expression and joy in the art of dance. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Shital is a woman of depth, purpose, and boundless enthusiasm, driven by her desire to make a positive impact on people around her.

Navi Mumbai-based Businesswoman Shital Bhatnagar, the winner of Mrs UAE International 2024 said, “ Balancing a career with marriage can be challenging for women, as they often find themselves juggling household duties, family responsibilities and demanding business client meetings. Nevertheless, with the encouragement of loyal friends and supportive individuals, women can overcome these obstacles and pursue their aspirations. I am grateful to all those who supported me in winning the Mrs UAE title, a dream come true for me. In pageants like these, it is not just physical beauty that matters but also the beauty of one’s soul.”

Shital Bhatnagar further added, “As the newly crowned Mrs UAE International 2024, I am filled with a sense of pride and honor to represent my country on such a prestigious platform. This title is not just a personal achievement but a reflection of the values and beauty of our country. The journey to this victory was one of dedication, perseverance, and commitment to showcasing the best of our nation. Being able to stand as a beacon of strength, grace, and intelligence on an international stage is more than just winning a crown. It is about breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes. My win serves as an inspiration for aspiring women across the region to dream big and chase their ambitions fearlessly. Through this victory, I aim to redefine traditional notions of beauty and success while highlighting the rich culture and diverse heritage that make up our beautiful country.”

About Being Muskaan Events

Being Muskaan Events is the leading pageant organizer in the UAE hosting the most prestigious pageants in the UAE, including Mr. UAE International, Miss UAE International, and Mrs UAE International. Meena Asrani is the founder and CEO of Being Muskaan Events is committed to providing a platform that empowers individuals to showcase their skills, personality, and confidence.

With over 1000 entries received, the competition was fierce, culminating in the selecting of 17 finalists who graced the finale stage. It was a tough decision for the jury Panel, comprised of Maansi Shah (City One Tourism & Travel), Manoj Shetty (A well-known name in the Fashion Industry), Gautham Bangera (Business Entrepreneur), Neha Silva (Pageant Groomer & Events Director), Darshan Shah (N Gopaldaas Jewellers), Neha Sharma (Actor, Model & Influencer), and Prof. Adil Matin (President WeTel TV). Notably, the event was graced under the patronage of SHEIKHA FATIMA BINTHASHER BIN DALMOUK AL MAKTOUM along the presence of Royal Dignitaries and well-known personalities in the Dubai industry, such as Mr. Raj Shetty (founder, chairman, and Managing Worker of the Ramee Group of Companies), H.E. Laila Rahhal, Mr. Ali Mohammed Al Mazem, Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali, Mr. Abdulaziz Ahmed, Harjyot Oberoi Bohra, Zubair Sarookh, Gauri Singh, Sadiq Ahmed, Dr. Mirna Youness, Romain Gerardin-Fresse and others. ENDS (TGN)

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