M2M Ferries and CFTI Collaborated to enable learning and a sense of hope by distributing 120 school kits to Young children in Mandwa

NATIONAL/ MUMBAI, 17 APRIL, 2024 (TGN): M2M Ferries, a leading Ro-Pax service, had collaborated with CFTI, an NGO, to launch an initiative aimed at empowering school going children in Mandwa. As part of the initiative, M2M Ferries had distributed 120 school kits to the underprivileged school kids in Mandwa.

Access to quality education is essential for the holistic development of every child. However, for many underprivileged families in Mandwa, the cost of school supplies presents a significant barrier to education. Due to a lack of monetary support, often many children drop out of school ultimately affecting their future prospects. To address this issue, M2M Ferries and CFTI launched a campaign to distribute school kits to these students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th in Mandwa. Through this initiative, the organization hopes to guide these children towards independent and empowered lives, enabling them to make their own informed decisions.

“At M2M Ferries, we believe that education is a fundamental right, and we are committed to supporting the communities we serve. By providing them with school bags and essential kits, we hope to contribute to their academic journey and overall well-being. This school kit distribution will act as positive reinforcement and will encourage both children and their parents to take education seriously. At the end of the day, the main objective of this drive was to provide school resources to these children that are easily available due to their financial situations.” says Devika Saigal Kapoor, CEO of M2M Ferries. M2M Ferries is committed to supporting the communities where it operates by providing safe, reliable, and affordable transportation while also boosting tourism. The company actively seeks opportunities to give back to the society by supporting initiatives that promote education, health, and social welfare.

“We believe that by supporting education, we can contribute to a brighter future for the next generation. Beyond the pens and papers, these kits represent hope and opportunity for the children of Mandwa. It’s about nurturing their curiosity and creativity, inspiring them to dream big and reach for the stars.” says Devika.

The campaign was held on 15th April and the school kits were distributed to school-going children in various communities in Mandwa. The initiative is part of M2M Ferries and CFTI’s commitment to support education in the communities where they operate. The organizations plan to continue their efforts to provide opportunities for children to achieve their full potential.

About M2M:

M2M Ferries is Maharashtra’s leading RoPax that provides ferry services from Ferry Wharf, Mumbai to Mandwa. The company is committed to supporting the communities it operates in by connecting people, and places, and providing opportunities.ENDS/TGN


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