Bollywood Actress & Equestrian, Preeti Verma, Recognized by India Book of Records for Exceptional Achievement in Thar Desert Riding

JAIPUR, INDIA – MARCH 28, 2024 (TGN)– Preeti Verma, a Bollywood actress  of fame, Love Aaj Kal 2, Jaane Khuda; and an accomplished equestrian, has been honored by the India Book of Records for her exceptional achievement in completing a gruelling 350-kilometre journey through the Thar Desert atop her loyal companion, Basanti. The recognition by the esteemed India Book of Records underscores Verma’s position as one of India’s foremost female equestrians and a trailblazer in the world of desert safaris.

As the very first Bollywood actor/theatre artist to successfully undertake one of India’s longest and most challenging desert safaris, Verma’s tenacity and fearlessness are unmatched. Her commitment to pushing boundaries extends beyond the equestrian world, as she continues to pursue diverse roles in films, web series, and music videos. Notable films she has appeared in include Love Aaj Kal 2, Jaane Khuda and many more music videos with Kailash Kher and Band Euphoria by Dr Palash Sen, Coming Music video with Jaya Kishori & Sonu Nigam and more projects.

Preeti’s extraordinary accomplishment marks her as one of the very few Indian female equestrians to conquer the challenging Nagaur Desert Safari Ride, further highlighting her prowess in the saddle. As the Brand Ambassador of The Indigenous Horse Society of India, her dedication to promoting indigenous breeds and preserving equestrian heritage has earned her widespread acclaim.

Reflecting on her Thar Desert ride, Preeti Verma shared, “With every stride, every obstacle overcome, I felt a deeper connection to my country and to the magnificent creature beneath me. Being recognized by the India Book of Records is not just an honor but a validation of my lifelong passion for horse riding and the incredible journey I’ve embarked on with Basanti.”

Preeti’s journey into the world of horse riding began in 2006, and over the span of 18 years, she has accumulated extensive experience with various horse breeds. Her illustrious career includes numerous victories and accolades in equestrian competitions sanctioned by the Equestrian Federation of India, solidifying her esteemed reputation within the equestrian community.

The recognition by the India Book of Records further cement Preeti Verma’s legacy as a pioneer in both the entertainment industry and the world of equestrian sports. Raised amidst a profound love for animals and a passion for the arts, Verma epitomizes the perfect blend of talent, resilience, and creativity. Her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring equestrians and actors alike, demonstrating that with dedication and courage, anything is possible.Ends/TGN

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